Founded in 1992, in Deva, Sava Exim is a company that activates on the market of import and frozen and chilled food products’ distribution.

During these years, our company mobilized its competences and its energy to offer the customers a wide and full range of high quality products and professional services.

The efforts of our company’s employees have concentrated to reach and keep a high quality standard of our products or our partners and to assure a coherent storage and distribution system, aiming to offer trust and predictability to the customers.

The activity of the company is divided in two main domains:
logistics for frozen and chilled food products;
distribution of frozen and chilled food products.

Our facilities and equipment correspond to the quality and hygiene standards of the European Union, Sava Exim having implemented the HACCP control system.

We signed and strengthened the partnerships with similar companies in the most of the European Union’s countries and with the large companies activating on the Romanian market.

We developed storing capacities, an important distribution fleet and a local partnership network so that by our own brand products and by the products with our partner’s brand we collaborate with more than 1200 customers with stores in 10 counties.

Having a wide experience in the domain of storing and distribution of frozen and chilled products in Romania, Sava Exim can honour the customer’s demands with the best product offers and the most competent logistics services

Logistics & distribution

Sava Exim provides a wide range of products in due time and at a right price, ensuring logistics services at a high standard quality.

Now, Sava Exim operates in a cooled storage house built according to European technological, health and environment protection standards being used since 2008 and being situated in Deva, jud. Hunedoara, str 22 Decembrie nr 265, having a 2000 tonnes storage capacity. At the same address it also has a storage house for food and non-food products having a 2500 tonnes storage capacity. These storage houses correspond to the working conditions at European standards, have implemented HACCP, have storage conditions adapted to both frozen and chilled products, have full logistics services and permanent computer monitoring of the temperature and humidity.

The cooled storage house has logistics services of storage and supplies management, that is: uploading, downloading, sorting, picking, mixing and batching the goods.

In the second storage house there are storing and logistics services and supplies’ management of some well known companies like: DHL, Cargus, Philip-Morris, Augsburg, La Fantana, Simultan.

Investments were also made in the vehicle park that is built up of a high-performance and modern fleet of 20 commercial vehicles for the transportation of the goods that need a freezing of chilling temperature and of 10 vehicles for the selling team. This fleet has experienced and disciplined drivers. In the same time, the working and administration procedures and the quality, verification and surveillance standards of the transports guaranties the smallest transit and reaction timings.

Products portfolio

Produsele distribuite de compania noastra includ produse importate si autohtone.
The products distributed by our company include imported and local products. The storage of these products is made according to the specificity of each category of frozen or chilled product. With a more than 24 years of experience of distribution on the national market Sava Exim gives a high importance to the needs and requests of the customers and of the consumers and on the trends of the national and international market. For these reasons our products’ offer is diversified, having more than 300 frozen or chilled products.
The offer of products of our company is:
meat and poultry products;
meat and beef products;
meat and pork products;
fish and fish products;
dairy products;
frozen vegetables;
Algida, Napoca and Bucovina ice-cream.


After 24 years of activity Sava Exim is known in our country and abroad. We have trustful and respectful relationships with all our providers and all our customers. Following theses business relations Sava Exim managed to bring on the Romanian market high quality products at the best prices. Nowadays we collaborate with more than 1200 customers.